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$35 prix fixe

($47 with wine pairings)


first course

Strawberry Gazpacho

Strawberry gazpacho, cucumber, basil ice, herbs

Wine Pairing: Château de Campuget, Rhône, FR, ’18, Rosé


Sweet Corn and Tomato Salad

Sweet corn and tomato salad, torn bread, pepitas, basil, pecorino

Wine Pairing: Torresella, IT, '17, Pinot Grigio

second course

Orange Braised Short Rib

Orange braised short rib, crushed potatoes, pickled cherry, radish

Wine Pairing: Roco, Willamette, OR '16, Pinot Noir


Emmer Spaghetti

Emmer spaghetti, bacon, peas, roasted shallot, black pepper butter

*Add Dungeness crab ($7)

Wine Pairing: Louis Latour Ardèche, FR, ‘16, Chardonnay

third course

Chocolate tart, whey caramel, salted popcorn


Buttermilk ice cream, berry compote, benne short bread cookie