$25 prix fixe


Menu is 100% inspired by Sonora

first course

Queso Fresco Ensalada

Dish inspired by Caldo de Queso - Queso Fresco made in house with chiltepin served on a chill tomato broth with Chile Verde Rajas and Grilled Fingerling potatoes topped with organic greens

second course

Sausage and Pawns

Dish inspired by the Sonoran Hot Dog - Pinto and Guajillo Bean spread with Grilled Prawns and Sausage topped with cherry tomatoes, bacon oil and Sonoran bread croutons

third course

Cajeta con Nieve

Dish inspired by the Coyotas - Galletas Maria Crumbled topped with Piloncillo and Isabellas ice cream

*Suggested cocktail pairing: Bacanora Limonada